Wholesale Opportunities

Chez Priape is very proud and happy of its line of Chez Priape Jocks, Leather and Toys. We now offer to other retailers and websites the opportunity to grow their own revenues by offering Chez Priape Brand products to their customers. If you are a clothing retailer or adult oriented store, this is the occasion to enhance your market.


  • Offer to your customers high quality products;
  • Select among a large variety of items and styles;
  • Facilitate your operation with our strong distribution network for worldwide retailers;
  • Maximise your business growth.

If you would like more information regarding wholesale purchasing opportunities, please contact us.

Do note that wholesale customers within Canada may also have access to more products. Depending on your location, you may also have access to some Chez Priape brand toys and Chez Priape (homemade) Leather, XXX DVDs and Lubes.

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